Your DIY Garlic guide to banish acne and dandruff woes

A cure-all ingredient is all your skin and hair need to be in top shape. Give garlic the power to step into your beauty routine so you can witness a plethora of benefits.

What has a strong flavor but is extremely beneficial to your overall health? Although the hype surrounding this Ayurvedic and kitchen favorite ingredient has lasted for years, the year 2020 placed emphasis on natural ingredients such as tulsi, turmeric, ginger, garlic and many others for their ability to boost immunity and ward off infections. Hailing from the family of bulbous flowering plants, ‘garlic’ can contribute positively for your skin and hair as well. While it may seem intimidating to introduce garlic to your beauty routine, start with a patch test to check for allergens. 


Do not inundate your mind with a plethora of information that is available on the internet. Take it slow to understand the 5Ws and 1H you need to know about garlic. Read on to understand how it can benefit your skin and hair in times of chaos. You may want to keep a few ingredients handy.

Your DIY Garlic guide to banish acne and dandruff woes

For acne-prone skin 


A potent source of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, garlic serves as a natural remedy to kill the bacteria that cause acne and reduce inflammation. Here is a DIY recipe made with acne-zapping ingredients to help cure acne woes and reveal healthy skin. 




1 tbsp garlic juice 

1 tsp honey 

1 tsp aloe vera gel 




Take a few cloves and mash it up to juice. 

Combine all three ingredients. 

Cleanse your hands and your face. 

Apply the paste to your pimples and leave it for up to 15 minutes. 

Rinse it off with cold water. 


For aging skin


Aging is inevitable, but trying to combat premature signs of aging shouldn’t be a task with natural tips around. Garlic is known for being a vital source of antioxidants, which help provide protection against pollutants and keep toxins at bay. It also aids in the fight against free radicals, which play a significant role in the appearance of wrinkles. Make this powerful DIY duo pack and try it twice a week for youthful skin. 




1 tbsp papaya 

1 tbsp garlic juice 

Little water 




Mash the papaya and extract juice from garlic pods. 

Make a smooth paste and add water if need be. 

Apply the mixture all over your face. 

Keep it for 20 minutes and cleanse it off with cold water. 


For dandruff 


Thanks to its antifungal properties, it aids in easing scalp infections, nourishing your scalp and fighting dandruff. Try this DIY dandruff-fighting mask to help go itch-free. 




1 tbsp warm coconut oil 

1 tbsp garlic juice




Blend both the ingredients and slather it on your scalp. 

Give it a good massage and let it sit for 20 minutes minimum. 

Cleanse it off with cold water pre-shampoo session.

Repeat it at least twice a week. 


For hair loss


Concerned about your hair falling out? Garlic aims to fight hair loss and help stimulate hair regrowth. Use your free time to make for a perfect champi and soak up this DIY hair oil. 




5 cloves of garlic

Olive oil 

Sweet almond oil




The quantity of the oil can be tweaked as per your choice. 

Pick the three ingredients and combine them. 

Heat them all and let the oil cool down a bit. 

Apply it from root to tip and leave it for 1 hour. 

Use a mild shampoo and cold water to wash it off. 


Does your daily diet include garlic? Let us know in the comments below. 

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