Working out at home? Follow these expert-backed tips to stay in shape
With the pandemic’s end nowhere close in sight, and gyms still closed, many have taken to working out at home to stay fitter. While home workout can be a really good way to not only carve out some much-needed me-time and destress, it has its own share of benefits and gives you the space and liberty to workout at your own pace and time. However, it’s still important to exercise right, even if you do so from the comfort of your home. We got in touch with Somya Luhadia, a Nutritionist and a Weight Management Specialist to share some amazing workout tips for all those balancing work from home and working out.

Working out at home? Follow these expert-backed tips to stay in shape

Tips for beginners to do home-based workout

One of the best things any beginner can do is to try and improvise with the equipment you may have, and also concentrate on doing bodyweight workouts. Doing exercises against a chair, using towels as resistance bands or even stair climbing can make for a wonderful start.

Skip rope exercises, too, are a good way to burn calories and stay fit. Skipping rope can act as a full-body workout and keeps the bones strong too. Another cardio exercise that people can do easily at home are burpees and squat jumps. This workout routine is good for strengthening the arm and legs muscles and helps in keeping the body flexible.

Somya, who also trains people over the internet and doles out regular workout tips also adds that time spent working out is a good way to practice self-care and alleviate stress during the pandemic. “With all the negativity around, that one hour, which you will dedicate to yourself will make things better. You have to make sure that you give at least one hour to Meditation, Yoga or anything which keeps your body moving. When you are engaged in the exercise that makes you happy, happy hormones are released from your body, which make negative things positive,” says Somya.

Feeling unmotivated to workout? Here’s help

Working out at home, unlike in a gym can be quite unmotivating at times. It can also put you off track. A good way to overcome this is to design, or follow workouts which interest you and do not end up feeling like another chore, says the expert.

There are also plenty of workout styles to try.

Some may be interested in Yoga, some in Zumba and some may be tempted to try out Weight-training.

You can also try following fun exercise videos and training online, which will also help you experiment and enhance your knowledge about working out.

How to keep burning calories even while you are at home

Being at home can restrict your movement and physical activity. Instead of caving in to binge eating and indulgences, Luhadia also suggests people to keep tracking your calories. The following tips might help you

-Maintain a calorie deficit, include good carbs in your diet.

-Focus more on foods containing fibre and protein that keep you full

-Establish a good, healthy relationship with food.

-Ensure you are adequately hydrated.

-Snack on fruits and other healthy snacks while you are taking break

-Stay active through the day, engage in home chores and increase your step count.