‘Vision’ group eyes stretch of Dot Ave. from Columbia Road to Freeport Street

A number of Dorchester Avenue residents and business leaders have begun meeting virtually with a goal of focusing civic associations on a renewed purpose: reimagining the stretch of the avenue between Columbia Road and Freeport Street.

The Dorchester Ave. Vision Committee (DAVC), which originated from a deferred Boston Main Streets proposal, met on May 26 to revisit the avenue’s history and field community concerns. Foremost among the latter: the perceived lack of variety in retail stores and restaurants.

Michael Keamy, the group’s founder and a long-time Dorchester resident, told the Reporter that “it was disappointing to be denied a Main Streets designation, but, after some time went by, it seemed like we could put our heads together and have a more lasered focus on this area we cared about if we organized amongst ourselves.”

DAVC, which encompasses three subcommittees centered on business development, streetscape upgrades, and urban planning, is currently compiling an exploratory “wish list” in collaboration with developers and business owners.

This could mean more pointed lobbying in favor of anything from more frequent sidewalk maintenance and clearer signage to getting the green light for commercial development projects, Keamy said.

“In coming meetings, perhaps next month, we’re looking to take a stroll down Dorchester Ave. as a chance for people to come together and socialize, but also as a chance to bring a notebook and pen and look around at what’s working and what needs to be improved upon,” explained Keamy. “We’re expecting considerable growth in this area in the next few years.”

The group plans on first expanding its own online presence and is recruiting new members on a rolling basis. Interested parties can reach DAVC at [email protected]

‘Vision’ group eyes stretch of Dot Ave. from Columbia Road to Freeport Street