Tampa woman’s weight loss journey goes viral

TAMPA, FLA.- — A Tampa woman’s weight loss journey went viral after she posted her transformation on social media.

Lucy Bergin said during the pandemic, she made unhealthy choices. She started gaining weight.

“I stopped eating right. I was very stressed out and I ate my feelings and I didn’t exercise. I just let that weight pile on,” said 21-year-old Lucy Bergin.

Bergin said she has always struggled with her weight.

At 17 years old, she said she weighed about 215 pounds.

“My weight has always gone up and down throughout the years. My heaviest was 215 when I was 17 so I lost a good amount of weight before college and then during the pandemic, I went back up to 170, 175,” said Bergin.



She posted her weight loss journey on TikTok. Her video has more than 12 million views. Every day she took a photo of herself. After six months, she combined all the photos and saw her transformation. She said she lost 35 pounds.

“I put the video together, I was shocked at my transformation. Honestly, had not realized how crazy the difference was,” said Bergin.

Bergin’s friend, Aly Wiedrich, also lost 35 pounds. The two ladies would work out together. They said they ate less sugar and more protein. They would lift weights and do a lot of cardio.

“On the days, I didn’t want to do it, she would be like get your butt up, we’re going to do it, and vice versa. Just days we weren’t feeling confident, the other person would uplift you, and walking into a gym with a person who has the very same goals as you is much easier than going in by yourself,” said Aly Wiedrich.

Bergin works as a fitness trainer. She said she started an online fitness company called “GRITTTFIT.” They want to inspire others to make a change.

“Every single person can sit down and have a conversation with themselves to figure out what their why is… why do you want to be a better version of yourself?” said Bergin.

“That’s what I think is relatable in this video, I am just a normal person, just a normal average girl you see in the gym, but I did it and everyone else can do it too. It’s never too late to start your journey.”