Regional dental practice builds its future | Local Business News


Shown are Dr. Dalton Harvey, left, and Dr. Chris Reese.

CLAREMONT — All things change. However, within the changes, we can seek to preserve the best of what came before.

Such a shift is coming to the regional dental practice of Christopher N. Reese, DDS, PA. In the weeks ahead Dr. Reese’s associate, Dr. Dalton Harvey, plans to transition into a new role as a partner. Coinciding with this expansion, the business has chosen to rebrand itself and will now be called Claremont Dental Arts.

The new logo at the heart of the rebranding maintains the iconic Bunker Hill Covered Bridge (that illustrates their mission of “Your Bridge to Better Health”), taking on a more modern feel as the practice reaffirms its growing energy. Their traditions of quality care, a welcoming atmosphere, and treating patients like family will continue to be their hallmark, Reese and Harvey said.

Harvey’s involvement with the practice began when he arrived as a patient at the age of 12 during the early days of the practice in Claremont. After a few years of regular visits and innumerable hours in Reese’s chair, the young Harvey discovered an interest that grew into a passion for both the art and science of dentistry.

During his college years, Harvey spent summers working at Christopher N. Reese, DDS, PA, doing everything from sterilizing instruments to handling paperwork. This hands-on experience and the chance to observe the inner workings of an established practice cemented Harvey’s goal of pursuing a career in dentistry. Reese then offered Harvey a place at the practice in 2019, and the newly minted dentist gladly accepted. This association fostered greater growth for the practice and its quality of care.