Personal Training In Germany Now Offers Benefits That Surpasses More Than Just The Perfect Body

Proper guidance in personal training keeps everyone on track of their dream body. Perfect and innovative for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts, Frankfurt, Germany now homes a comprehensive exercise facility for people worldwide.

Training in Motion has revolutionized personal fitness by specializing in exercises and mobility that helps health-enthusiasts to work better against their pain. Founded by Tim Harris, a US military veteran based in Germany, he opened the training facility in 2019 accessible to anyone from 12 years to 88 years looking for extensive fitness training. Harris holds certification in personal training in Germany in 2011. He has also been working as a certified Procedos Master Trainer since 2016 and Senior TRX instructor since 2012. Through Training in Motion, members are provided with a wide range of attractive training programs, including Procedos Platform 9, Yoga, Weight-Lifting, TRX, and MOD (Motion of the Day). 

The facility takes pride in offering a holistic and motivating fitness experience to its members. Members get to enjoy cash prizes by collecting points earned by achieving specific physical activity goals. Therefore, trainees get a specific portion of the money back they had initially paid for signing up at the facility. Furthermore, members are trained via the application that helps them stay motivated and get rewarded for their hard work. The target audience primarily includes busy business professionals aiming to become pain-free, lose weight, gain agility, or simply build muscle strength. With also a  remote training facility, fitness lovers from across the world can enjoy Functional Fitness programs, which have been specifically designed to make trainees healthy and enjoy life without staying in a gym all the time. Training intensity is consistently controlled and promoted with nutritional coaching to provide comprehensive fitness solutions. 

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As stated by the company owner, “As a Coach, I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. The beauty of being a coach is I am able to learn new every day, and because each person is different, it allows me to get creative to help that particular person. When I opened the studio, I wanted to build the community within the members, which is what I long for since I left the military in 1997.” 

The facility does not follow a “one package fits all” protocol and offers individually crafted training programs to every member. Therefore, whether members are opting for TRX Suspension Training or Procedos 3D Training, they get to enjoy a personalized training experience that helps them reach the best version of themselves without getting lost in the “bodybuilding competition.” Members also get to train according to their schedule to maintain flexibility and engage in training without being bound by limited time. 

About the Company: 

Training in Motion is a private training facility established for small groups and individuals to make their fitness and health goals more approachable, affordable, and attainable. Workout programs have been time-tested and complemented with appropriate nutritional insights to make training more effective. The company owner, Tim Harris, aims to make the facility more focused on good health than on appearance or monetary gains.

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