Perform These 3 Easy Stretches Every Day

Perform These 3 Easy Stretches Every Day

Some simple exercises can help control back pain effectively


  • Back pain is a common issue faced by many while working from home
  • A good posture can help you prevent back pain
  • Regular exercise also contributes to controlled back pain

Are you feeling that your back is hurting more than ever? Has work from home increased the frequency of your back pain? Is sitting continuously for hours making your back feel sore and rammed? Fret not, because celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has the right solution for you. In her latest Instagram post, Rujuta recorded a video in which the expert herself demonstrated three simple stretches. These exercises recommended can be easily done from home and will work like a charm for your back problems. According to Diwekar, these stretch exerciseswill strengthen the spine and relieve backaches. Here are the steps for each stretch shown by Diwekar explained below.

Simple stretches for back pain

1. Stand close to a wall: Walk two small steps away from the wall in the forward direction. Look straight and keep your knees unbent as you lean forward. Push your hips towards the wall. Ensure that your navel is levelled above your chest. See if you are able to comfortably touch the floor while you are leaning forward. If it helps, move a little back such that your hips can touch the wall. As you do that, keep pushing your hips in the upward direction and let your stomach get closer to your thighs. Remember your shoulders should not be drooping down towards the floor. It should be positioned upward in the direction of the ceiling. Stay down for five counts. If your hamstring gets stuck while sitting continuously for long or if you feel pain in your knees, this stretch will help you.

2. Face towards the wall and get closer to it. Place both your palms by the chest and take two steps back. Your hips should be aligned with your feet. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and bring your elbows inside. Now, lift your chest and lookup. Start pushing your navel up while squeezing your hip and pushing it towards the wall. 

3. For this stretch, you need to again take steps forward from the wall. Lift and raise both your arms. Start squeezing your hips and pushing them away from the wall. Your palm should be just touching the wall. If need be you can take another step away from the wall. Open your chest out and squeeze your shoulder blades. Throw your arms behind you and keep pushing back. Hold the position for five counts.

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These exercises can be done up to three times a day. They will help you lengthen, strengthen and nourish your spine from all sides. Do the stretches to keep your back in a rock-solid place. Diwekar said that these stretches work amazingly for bra fat and love handles. Here is the complete video:

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Earlier, Diwekar had shown a few more easy stretches to deal with lower back pain, knee pain and varicose veins.

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