Pain Management Massage Therapy Moves To Uniontown
Pain Management Massage Therapy Moves To Uniontown
Pictured is the Bodyworks and Wellness ribbon cutting on May 27, facilitated by Uniontown Ruritan Club.
From left Ruritan Members  Mark Warren, Kevin Gleason, Raymond George, Joe George, Mauriel Whisenhunt-the owner, Henry Homan, and Mike Mason, stand in front of the business at 104 Sherman, Uniontown.

Mauriel Whisenhunt helped her grandfather, Clyde Brooker, when he was homebound and had edema.

“I would massage his feet, arms, and back,” she said. “He was the first who said God has given me a gift.”

This prompted her to begin a career in massage therapy.

Whisenhunt’s massage therapy is pain management, she said.

“I do pain management,” she said. “Everybody is different, I work to accommodate what the body may need.”

Whisenhunt said she is grateful for her clients.

She said many in the business don’t make it.

“Longevity in massage is five years,” she said. “It’s hard work.”

“I have so much gratitude for the personal relationships with people, watching client’s kids grow up, working in hospice,” she said. ” I have so much overwhelming gratitude. Every place I have been, it’s God’s timing.”

She is constantly learning, even after 20 years.

Her diploma from White River School of Massage.

“There is so much new coming out about science and massage,” she said.

Her constant challenge is trying to help people get out of pain and helping them with pain management, she said.


Mauriel Whisenhunt stands in front of her continuing education certificates at her business, Bodyworks And Wellness.


Whisenhunt has been a massage therapist for 20 years.

Last year, she moved her business,  Bodyworks and Wellness, to Uniontown, where she lives.

“COVID (the pandemic of the last year) prompted me to open shop in Uniontown,” Whisenhunt said. “I think all small businesses had to reshape their business plan.”

“We were told by the (Kansas) governor that we couldn’t work,” she said. “I was quarantined five times, two weeks each time from different places of contact.”

“When you can’t work, you have no income,” she said.

She and her husband, Rick, live in Uniontown and in addition, own a large building there.

“We revamped a small portion of his hobby space,” she said.

The building is located at 104 Sherman, just off Uniontown square. For an appointment call 620-224-7251.