Olivia Munn Anti Aging Skincare Routine
Olivia Munn Anti Aging Skincare Routine

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Wherever you recognize Olivia Munn from (X-Men, Ocean’s 8, and New Girl to name a few), her skin always glows like nobody else. On speaking about her beauty routine, however, she has mentioned it wasn’t always easy: “I’m Chinese and white, and I actually have more of a Chinese bone structure but more white features and little things completely transform my face…Like when I work with other makeup artists, sometimes they’ll do the same thing to me that they’ve done to a lot of white girls, and it doesn’t work,” she told Byrdie.

After taking her skincare into her own hands, Olivia became a master of doing research and finding what works for her. It’s part of her self-care. “I’ve found that when I designate the time to do this for myself, it makes such a huge difference,” she told People. “I’m really good at making the time to do it and I enjoy my skincare routine now.”

You might want to grab a pen and notepad because the rest of her tips ahead are great.

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She follows a simple 5-step product routine.

Her morning routine consists of washing her face, using a toner, brightening serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen, according to her interview with People. At night, it’s the same deal, but instead of sunscreen she goes all into the self care with a mask–specifically one from Youth To The People.

She makes sure to get into bed with a clean face.

Olivia keeps these wipes by her bed so no matter how tired she is, she always makes sure to wipe her face clean and apply a lil bit of moisturizer. She told Byrdie that swears by these wipes in particular:


Proactiv Cleansing Wipes



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She drinks a ton of water.

Olivia drinks three liters of water a day (that’s about 12 cups)! She finds that using a half-liter water bottle keeps her motivated and not overwhelmed by the task, according to her interview with Byrdie. She just knows she has to drink six of those a day. “You need water to look young and to lubricate your joints and your face. And you need hyaluronic acid to help carry that water to your skin. I’ve been looking into different vitamins, like acid vitamins, glucosamine vitamins, sodium chondroitin, which is part of a hyaluronic acid system. You have to do those things along with drinking water,” the actress told Byrdie.


16 Ounce Glass Water Bottles

Kitchen Lux


She makes her diet work for her and her skin.

When Olivia was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, she had to become more thoughtful about what she was fueling her body with. “I had to start eating gluten-free, dairy-free and I had to cut out a lot of things that I was used to having every day,” she explained to People. Now she enjoys dairy-free ice cream and Poppi instead of soda. She’s a spokesperson for the fizzy drink and is a fan because it “not only fulfills my craving, but it does really offer something that I need, which is real benefits for gut health, and it boosts my immunity and it gives me great, glowing skin,” she said.


She believes in a beauty routine that is skin first, makeup second.

She’s conscious about her routines and how they impact her, doing all the research to make her life work for her body. “I spend a lot of energy on thinking about and researching what it takes to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Personally, I feel that if your skin looks good, that is the first part of your makeup.” She said in an interview with Byrdie.

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