NewsMD podcast ‘The Health Variant’ episode: ‘Nursing Homes On The Brink’

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — COVID-19 has been especially severe for older folks, which means many nursing homes were hit very hard by the pandemic, with tragic story after tragic story of residents lost to the virus.

While vaccine rates in nursing homes have flipped the script, the pandemic has in many ways made the future of nursing homes, already somewhat perilous, even less certain.

So what’s next for nursing homes?

In the ninth episode of NewsMD podcast “The Health Variant,” host and Health Correspondent Jeremy Fugleberg interviews what might seem like a surprising source on this subject: Tu-Uyen Tran.

Tran, a former reporter and editor at Forum Communications, is now a senior writer for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He recently dug into the data and talked to industry experts to report on the state of play in the region’s nursing homes, where many rural counties have just one nursing homes, or none at all.

NewsMD podcast ‘The Health Variant’ episode: ‘Nursing Homes On The Brink’

What he found shows how unclear the future is for nursing homes, but also charts a path forward. Find Tran’s reporting on nursing homes on the Minneapolis Fed website.

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