New Anti-Aging Pill Claims To Keep Body Young Forever By Keeping Cells Healthy

We all want to stay young for as long as we can — nobody wants to experience old age and the troubles that come along with it. However, what if I told you science has found a way to make this happen? 

New Anti-Aging Pill Claims To Keep Body Young Forever By Keeping Cells Healthy

Researches at Elysium Health have developed a supplement called Basis that basically prevents our body from ageing, sort of. It slows down the effects of ageing by boosting up NAD+ levels in our body. NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a compound that helps the cells in our body stay healthy and new.

NAD+ is also responsible for managing our circadian rhythm as well as strengthening our DNA. So it isn’t surprising that these levels over time get exhausted trying to run the show. 

However, that’s where a supplement like Basis can be truly helpful, theoretically. Now you might be wondering it would work like one of those fairy-tale Elixirs of Life, where it would make you young instantly — you’re wrong. 

It would gradually aid the existing NAD+ levels in your body and help the cells to stay healthy. Eventually, it is this cell health that counts in helping our body parts stay young and give us a healthy life for years to come. This just extends that process.


And this was also seen in a clinical trial from people of age groups  60-80 that was conducted by Elysium, where the participants witnessed a spike of 40 percent in NAD+ levels that was constant throughout the study period.

Not just that, the pills are also completely vegan-friendly and are completely free of allergic nuts and gluten, so it would be perfect for all kinds of dietary preferences.

Users can subscribe to Elysium Basis for $50 (approximately Rs 3,500) per month