I wish I knew these things at start of my career

Being in the fitness industry for nearly a decade now makes me feel old.  Age is just a number when it comes to quality coaching though.

I’ve seen young bucks fresh out of school with great potential, but they fail to follow some of the basic principles that would help them become a better coach and trainer.

Now, I am not saying we become wiser with age in our industry. I’ve still seen some pretty farfetched things from others thanks to social media, but I can attest to the simple fact that some of the things I did early on in my career were silly and pointless.

So instead of boring you with how to be now, let’s just visit my top three things I wish I knew when I first began my quest to be a trainer and gym owner.

I wish I knew these things at start of my career

1. Credentials are not the most important thing.

Don’t take this one personally. While having a quality education is essential to your coaching and application, it’s not what your clients are going to be prioritizing when seeking you out.

I was so focused on getting every certification under the sun so that outsiders looking in would think I am “worthy” and credible, but I could count on one hand the number of times someone asked me what my credentials were when doing lead calls and appointments.