How To Deal Covid Anxiety: Mental health tips to deal with COVID anxiety
The second wave of the pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways. It has not just added to our fears but also affected our minds mentally and emotionally. In fact, as studies show, there could be a mental health pandemic we fight to be in the grave risk of facing, with a sharp rise in rates of stress and depression, reported across India in the recent months.

Stress and anxiety are also factors that take a toll on our health and may weaken our immune system. Hence, troubling issues, asking for help in critical times like this should not be left off easy. We talked to Mimansa Singh Tanwar, Lead clinical psychologist, Department of Mental health and behavioural sciences, Fortis Hospital to share some easy tips to manage anxiety during these challenging times.

To handle increasing COVID anxiety during such tough times, here are some easy tips to manage your anxiety during these tough times.

How To Deal Covid Anxiety: Mental health tips to deal with COVID anxiety

Why are so many people stressed right now? Is there a rise in COVID anxiety?

According to Mimansa Tanwar, anxiety and stress are natural human emotions to experience right now, because as a community, we were never prepared for such a pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has affected each one of us and has changed almost everything in our daily lives.

The uncertainty that surrounds the situation is also adding to our fears. People have developed a fear in their minds of catching the infection and passing it to their loved ones. There is also a constant flow of news showing the rising cases and horrifying data of the pandemic in India

How do you deal with anxiety right now?

While the virus may take a long time to go away, we must all learn to manage stress and anxiety more mindfully.

The psychologist adds that while mental health matters need priority care at once, it’s also important to understand that people must accept the fact that anxiety and stress in the given time period is a natural experience. Instead of overthinking about stress, people must put stress on having some ‘Me’ time and self-care. Indulging in comforting activities, things that make you happy help release dopamine- the happiness hormone which helps in fighting stress and anxiety.

Practising COVID appropriate behaviour like using face masks and maintaining physical distancing can also prove to be helpful. It is scientifically proven that when you take appropriate precautions, you feel a lot more confident of being able to take good care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Tips to stay healthy in lockdown

It is important to maintain a proper sleep-wake cycle routine as it helps in improving concentration and productivity. A good sleep-wake cycle has been shown to improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance of both children and adults.

People must try and avoid alcohol, nicotine and products with too much caffeine as it might make them uneasy. There are studies that prove that consumption of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine interferes with learning and productivity. Excessive consumption of such products affects the immune system of human beings.

Physical exercises are also a must for staying healthy physically and even mentally. When a person exercises every day, it brings in an element of mindfulness in his/her life. Considering the current situation, it is important to enjoy the simple joys of the present. Staying in touch with family members and friends by setting virtual get-togethers can help in realising that ‘this too shall pass.’

What should you do if COVID anxiety is getting in way of your daily life?

Do not hold your anxiety within yourself. Whenever you feel that there is a thought of fear and anxiety in your mind, you must UNMUTE yourself. It is important to talk to your friends or family members.

If the thoughts are continuously haunting you then you must reach out to an expert. People must prepare their minds to respond to the situations as they come and not respond to them in fear.