Helen Flanagan begs for acne advice as she only has clear skin when she’s pregnant

Helen Flanagan asked her fans for advice on how to prevent her skin flaring up in a series of honest Instagram posts.

The former Corrie star shared an unfiltered picture of her cheek, which was covered in acne and said: “Thank you so much for all the advice on hormonal acne. When my acne returns (it has eventually, after each baby) I will share and be honest with what works. “

According to the NHS website, acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point. It causes spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that’s hot or painful to touch. It usually affects teenagers, although Helen’s condition has persisted into adulthood.

Helen Flanagan begs for acne advice as she only has clear skin when she’s pregnant
Helen asked her million fans on Instagram for advice

Yesterday, Helen had posted a selfie, showing her beautiful complexion and blemish-free skin, saying: “I love having clear skin. I’ve always struggled with acne.

“My skin is only clear when I am pregnant or when I have just had a baby. No skin care works or cutting things out of my diet, it is purely hormonal.”

Then she appealed to her millions of followers, asking: “There must be other women that have the same thing with their skin as me and what can you do with your acne when it’s hormonal?

The 30-year-old talked about her facial issues when she was a nervous contestant on the 2012 series of I’m A Celebrity. She admitted at the time: “I’m really sensitive about my skin.

“I know it sounds really stupid and I can’t believe I’m crying, it just really gets to me because I feel conscious enough because I haven’t got any makeup.”

Helen says her clear skin won't last for long
Helen says her clear skin won’t last for long

Helen also revealed in 2014 that she had been prescribed special treatment for her spots, but had had to stop taking it as it would have interfered with her plans to have a family with her partner, Preston North End footballer Scott Sinclair.

She said: “I’ve been on some really strong acne medication but I’ve just come off it because I’m ready to start trying for a baby with Scott.”

The couple have gone on to have three children, Matilda, aged five, Delilah, two, and baby Charlie who was born in March this year.