Heights Fitness Taking Over Lucille Roberts in Jersey City Heights

Heights Fitness, a new gym coming to The Heights, is replacing Lucille Roberts, which was located at 338 Central Avenue in Jersey City. With renovations underway, Heights Fitness is expected to open sometime in the next two months. Owner Brian Molyvade is working on bringing his vision to life and has already shared a glimpse of the space on social media. Read on the learn more about Heights Fitness’ mission and what kind of equipment you can expect to find upon opening. 

Heights Fitness Taking Over Lucille Roberts in Jersey City Heights

(Photo credit: Heights Fitness Facebook)

How Heights Fitness Came To Be

Lucille Roberts was known as the women’s gym in The Heights for over 15 years. Locals loved the studio classes that were offered, especially the Zumba classes that brought instructors from all over to teach in Jersey City. The gym space was small yet was packed with enough equipment for women to get their fill of cardio and strength training. The studio space, however, was spacious for all the gym-goers who enjoyed the variety of classes.

Things took a turn for the worse during the pandemic. In September 2020, Lucille Roberts’ parent company, Town Sports International, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Town Sports also owns New York Sports Club and Boston Sports Club. While it is unknown when Lucille Roberts Jersey City shut down officially, the new owner of the space, Brian Molyvade, says he took over the lease in March 2021. He shares with Montclair Girl how opening his own gym though was something he had dreamt of “for years.”

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“I was always scouting the area for spaces that would work. I had realized that Lucille Roberts had the perfect space. It was right in the middle of Central Ave and it had a wide enough footprint and square footage, which is hard to find with all the old architecture in The Heights,” Molyvade says. “I inquired about the space on a community Facebook page and that’s how it got started. When the pandemic hit, I saw gyms going out of business and I knew this would be the best time to open a gym … Not only is owning a gym a dream of mine, it’s something that I always wanted to be in The Heights.” 

heights fitness equipment jersey city

(Photo credit: Heights Fitness Facebook)

Types of Equipment 

Located on the 2nd floor above Carolina Rosa Arts Academy, Heights Fitness will contain exercise equipment in the entire space, unlike Lucille Roberts where half the space was for studio classes. 

“As of now, the heavy emphasis is on what I believe to be the foundation of a full-body workout, starting with legs. No other gym in Hudson County will have the variety of leg presses we have. I have hand-selected every piece of equipment based on its effectiveness,” Molyvade, a resident of The Heights for 8 years, explains.

“We will constantly be upgrading and switching equipment out to fit the members’ needs. I will be personally monitoring what is being used and what is not being used. I will be posting polls to figure out what people feel we are missing.”

The gym will also have lockers for daily use and locker rooms (see the floorplan here). There will be no classes, the owner says, because of the lack of space. However, personal training will be offered.

“Our personal training will include coaches that are experts in specific styles of fitness. We want our members to have the ability to pick a trainer that fits their needs,” Molyvade, a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years and a four-time amateur bodybuilding competitor, says.

“It’s important that people understand that there will never have any tricky or pushy sales tactics. Our coaches will never try to sell themselves to our members while they are working out. Our goal is to provide the community with a service and product they want, not push things on them and treat them like cash cows.”

heights fitness strength training gym jersey city

(Photo credit: Heights Fitness Facebook)

Membership Offerings 

Heights Fitness will be offering discounted 6-month (originally $269.99) and 12-month (originally $479.99) membership for a limited time until the gym opens. In addition, a day pass costs $9.99, a weekly pass costs $14.99, and a monthly membership costs $49.99. There will be no enrollment fees and no contracts. Gym members can cancel any time before the next billing cycle. 

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As far as the exact date of opening, Molyvade hopes the gym will be open right after Labor Day. He lastly tells our readers, “If there are any concerns, wants, or needs, we encourage people to contact us through social media. We encourage feedback from the community. We want people to feel like this is THEIR gym …  It’s why I decided to name it Heights Fitness I wanted people to feel that it was THEIR gym too, not just mine.”

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Written by: Diana Cooper

After landing her dream job as a reporter for In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly, Diana moved to The Heights in 2014 and has been living in Jersey City since then. Diana enjoys riding her bike at Lincoln Park and taking fitness classes in the downtown area in her free time. She loves binging reality TV shows, dining out and grabbing drinks with friends, and traveling to new places. Her work has led her to meet and interview celebrities as well as attend exclusive events and premieres in New York City. But at the end of the day, what she enjoys the most is cuddling up with her newly adopted kitten, Chloe.