Flex Fitness Announces Brand Refresh and Facility Remodel

Born in Kuwait, owner and founder Tony Nammari has been a personal trainer, bodybuilder, and nutrition coach for over 25 years. After graduating from Long Beach State University, he combined his meticulously high standards and disciplined work ethic to open Flex Fitness in 2012. Originally specializing in elite training for bodybuilders, figure competitors, models, and athletes, Nammari’s reputation grew exponentially, and his 4,700 square foot gym soon became a destination for anyone desiring body transformation and personal training.

To carry the brand into the future, Nammari engaged Barbara Chancey Design Group, a specialty fitness design firm, to refresh the outdated logo, language, and look. Interiors were transformed to eliminate clutter and visually expand the space with a live resident DJ mixing unstoppable, high energy beats.

“The brand refresh arrives at a pivotal time in the growth of Flex Fitness,” said Nammari. “With expansion plans on the horizon, we believe that strong bodies result in beautiful minds, and the positive effects of physical and mental strength are undeniable.”

About Flex Fitness

Voted the #1 gym in the OC, Flex Fitness is located at 23641 Ridge Rte Drive, Suite B, Laguna Hills, California. For more information, call 949-397-2266, email: [email protected] or connect on Instagram and Facebook.

SOURCE Flex Fitness; Barbara Chancey Design Group

Flex Fitness Announces Brand Refresh and Facility Remodel

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