Expert tips on becoming a personal trainer

If you have had a passion for exercise and stay fit for as long as you could remember, then you may think that becoming a personal trainer will be a good fit for you. If helping others get and stay healthy is what you envision doing with your life, here are some tips on how to get it done.

Choose a college degree

While it is not mandatory to obtain a degree to become a personal trainer, it certainly gives you a leg up on those who merely have a high school education. There are several different degrees that would be appropriate including a bachelor’s in kinesiology with several different concentrations or an associate’s degree as a health fitness specialist. These are only examples. The college you choose may have other options available to you as well.


Of course, you cannot attend college without paying for it somehow. Ask your financial advisor what free options, such as grants and scholarships may be available to you. After these are exhausted, look for lenders that offer a private student loan to cover the gap that the free money does not. Most people are more familiar with government-backed student loans. However, private loans are often more flexible to work with and offer you the chance to develop a relationship with your lender that you can use in the future as well. The lender may be able to provide business loans if you have an excellent payment history.

Get certified for CPR / AED

This is not technically required by law, but many gyms will not hire you without being certified for these. By becoming AED / CPR certified, you will have the necessary training to react appropriately in an emergency situation. This is also something that you should list on your website so that people feel more comfortable coming to you. Becoming emergency certified also makes it easier to get jobs working with seniors or children.

Become certified as a personal trainer

That’s right, even after achieving a college degree and certified for emergency first-aid care, you are still not a certified personal trainer. That only becomes official after taking a certifying examination. While there are actually quite a few certifying organizations, there are large ones that are universally recognized. These are ACE and NASM. By completing and passing one of these exams, you will be on your way to becoming a highly regarded personal trainer.

Hit the bricks

After this, you’ll have to focus on actually getting a job. Many people get a job at a gym, but there are opportunities at clinics, for local sports teams, corporate fitness programs, as well as private clients. Remember that personal training is a career where you have to work your way up. However, it is also a career where you can be very creative in designing programs and even how you present them. With the advent of social media, it is very easy to promote yourself at no to low cost. You can also present workout programs over the internet via a subscription format.

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