Drive Away Those Lazy Weekday Blues With This Quick High Energy Workout By Yasmin Karachiwala

Drive Away Those Lazy Weekday Blues With This Quick High Energy Workout By Yasmin Karachiwala

Weight loss: You can perform this easy workout at home with dumbbells


  • Workout at home to maintain a healthy weight
  • Starting your day with exercise can help you stay energetic
  • Try this simple workout at home

Weekdays are extremely stressful, especially when working or studying from home. In the current scenario, the option of stepping out is largely limited, and being cooped up indoors adds a lot of stress and makes the body and mind restless. A high-intensity sweat session is the best way to rid oneself of stress and anxiety. It is also an ideal way to ensure your body gets the necessary amount of physical movement it needs after hours of sitting in one place while working or studying. Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala has shared a video demonstrating a quick and easy workout routine that will ensure you do not miss out on exercising regularly.

Weight loss: Try this simple workout at home to break a sweat

Karachiwala shared the video along with the caption, “Here’s how to sweat your way into a power-packed week with me. Jump-start your week with my quick leg workout with dumbbells. Getting on with the ‘Sweat Sesh’ always gives me a boost of energy even if it’s a 5-minute routine.”

In the video, the fitness expert can be seen demonstrating 5 different leg exercises you can add to your own workout routine. Along with the high-level energy, she also demonstrates how to do the exercises for beginners who are building up their energy and stamina with a modified version of the same exercises.

1) Frog Squat with dumbbells.

2) Squat Jack with Side Punch.

3) Dumbbell Swing with Heel Lift.

4) Curtsy Lunge Pulse.

5) Dumbbells Criss Cross Squat.

You can do all 5 exercises in the video or do a combination and add them to your existing workout routine for effective results.

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Watch the whole video here:

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Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy fitness regime will ensure your body and mind remain stress-free, active and your days are productive.

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