DentiVive Review: Dental Supplement for Teeth and Gum Health

Teeth are vital in accentuating your facial features. Unfortunately, numerous individuals have poor dental health. Oral health is essential in protecting your teeth and gums from decay and damage. Dentists recommend eating healthy meals that strengthen the gums and teeth. DentiVive creator, Michael Clark, claims that this product is made from natural ingredients to support dental health.

Michael Clark is a medical sales representative based in Michigan. His interest in researching ingredients that can support dental health naturally led to the formulation of DentiVive, which he claims is made from 100% organic herbs and plants, and minerals. Some of the ingredients include Milk Thistle, Zinc, Chromium, Green Tea, Resveratrol, Berberine HCL, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Red Korean Ginseng, Cayenne, and Banaba.

What is DentiVive Dental Health Support?

DentiVive is a natural dietary supplement that is only available from the official website. Today, due to a fast-paced lifestyle, many individuals cannot properly take care of their oral health. DentiVive claims it can protect your teeth and gums from potential damage. The manufacturer asserts that DentiVive works from within, fixing any oral hygiene issues that can crop up. It contains all the suitable fixings in the correct proportions to improve breath, prevent tooth decay, clean teeth, and rebuild gums. Apart from enhancing the oral health of the user, DentiVive contains vital constituents that can boost immunity.

DentiVive Ingredients

Michael Clark alleges that before turning the ingredients into a health supplement, he ensured all the ingredients are:

  • Effective- All the components in DentiVive are potent and mixed in the appropriate amounts to support oral health.
  • Natural- All the ingredients are from organic farms that do not apply harmful chemicals. The plants and herbs are allowed to reach full maturity naturally.


Chromium is an essential mineral in boosting the conversion of blood sugar to energy. DentiVive developer asserts that Chromium can aid in restoring teeth to good health caused by inflammation or infections. Chromium protects your dental cavity from potential conditions allowing you to enjoy healthy teeth and gums.


Zinc is a vital mineral in developing strong and healthy teeth and gums. It protects your oral cavity from loss of teeth, cavity formation, and decay. Similarly, this macronutrient can reduce plaque formation and prevent the onset of diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

DentiVive formula contains 150mg of ALA. Alpha Lipoic Acid is necessary for protecting your gums from damage and also provides an anti-inflammatory response. Similarly, ALA is a powerful antioxidant that improves the health of your nerves, enhances cognitive health, and protects your heart from diseases by reducing cholesterol levels.

Berberine HCL

Tooth decay and damage to the enamel are caused by microbial. Berberine HCL works on oral pathogens protecting your dental cavity from plaque and other issues.

Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Most individuals associate green tea leaves with weight loss. However, the DentiVive developer claims it can improve periodontal health and the development of solid gums.


Resveratrol possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Periodontitis is a dental cavity condition that can be effectively treated using surgical means. DentiVive claims Resveratrol can naturally heal periodontitis. DentiVive supplement contains 40mg of Resveratrol which stimulates dental osteoblastic cells to strengthen the teeth and enamel.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an ancient medicinal plant that can alleviate pain. Cayenne offers relief to toothache as the capsaicin compound works by blocking tooth pain. DentiVive formula contains 40000HU of cayenne pepper, enough to help you to overcome chronic pain.

Milk Thistle

Due to pollution, it is possible to get exposed to heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Milk Thistle protects your teeth from developing complications caused by heavy metals. Silymarin is a natural compound found in Milk Thistle, which reduces inflammation caused by tooth decay.


Banaba is an ancient herb used to balance blood glucose, reduce inflammation and alleviate stress. Banaba protects your teeth from potential tooth loss caused by age.

Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is referred to as a magical herb due to its vast health benefits. It helps in building immunity, reduces stress, controls diabetes and improves cognitive function.

DentiVive Review: Dental Supplement for Teeth and Gum Health

Benefits of DentiVive Supplement

Pharmaceutical drugs work by killing disease-causing microbes. DentiVive works by promoting the growth of healthy bacteria, which destroys disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, this supplement protects your teeth from potential dental issues without the use of synthetic chemical-laden medicines. DentiVive improves the oral cavity by addressing the root causes of poor dental health.

DentiVive heals the problems caused by unhealthy diets and poor lifestyles. Today, numerous individuals cannot supply their bodies with the required nutrients and minerals for good health. Similarly, the number of heavy smokers and alcohol drinkers has increased significantly over the years. DentiVive contains antioxidants and immune-boosting compounds that fill the void caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor nutrition. The components in this all-natural formula work on the bacteria that can potentially cause teeth and gum ailments.

The maker of DentiVive nutritional capsules claims that the plant-based components can work on inflammations and remove toxins from the body. Hence, your body can naturally heal itself by balancing good and harmful bacteria.

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Our surroundings contain many harmful bacteria thus your body cannot be entirely free from pathogens. DentiVive helps your body to manufacture more beneficial bacteria that work on harmful bacteria keeping you in good health. Throughout the day, DentiVive ingredients expel harmful bacteria that can affect oral health.

Bad breath is a concern to many individuals. Numerous people mask their breath by constantly using flavored chewing gums and mouth wash. Experts share that bad breath results from harmful bacteria that cannot go away by simply brushing your teeth numerous times a day. DentiVive claims it can help eliminate bad breath by killing the bacteria that causes the bad odor. Regular consumption of DentiVive capsules can make bad breath a thing of the past.

Tooth sensitivity and pain affect thousands of individuals. DentiVive claims it works by healing the nerves causing sensitivity. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy your hot or cold foods and beverages without worrying about the uncomfortable pain.

Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth or eating hard foods indicates that your oral health is at fault. Most people assume this condition, and with time, the nerve endings and blood capillaries in the oral cavity get damaged. DentiVive claims it contains the correct minerals and nutrients that heal the blood vessels and capillaries in your gums,

Most people are unable to smile due to stained teeth confidently. DentiVive claims it can provide you with cleaner teeth and prevent the formation of plaque and tartar. Hence, you will be able to show a bright and beautiful smile proudly.

What happens after consuming DentiVive nutritional capsules?

According to the DentiVive official page, these capsules eliminate harmful bacteria that enter your mouth, causing your teeth and gums problems. DentiVive works in three stages to protect your teeth from lousy odor, bacterial infections, and dental diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

  • Stage 1- Once you start taking the DentiVive formula, the ingredients create an alkaline environment that inhibits toxic bacteria. The formula works on the plaque, naturally removing it.
  • Stage 2- DentiVive creates the ideal environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria, which works on pain, inflammations, and other bacterial infections. The healing process begins as the number of beneficial bacteria supersedes the harmful bacteria.
  • Stage 3- Regular consumption of DentiVive pills will make you start noticing improvement in breath, cleaner teeth, non-bleeding gums, and reduced pain and sensitivity.

DentiVive Dosage

DentiVive recommends consulting your doctor before consuming these pills. Also, the manufacturer warns that DentiVive is an adult-only nutritional supplement. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use DentiVive. The developer recommends consuming two DentiVive capsules daily with enough water.

How to purchase DentiVive Oral Supplement

You can only purchase genuine DentiVive exclusively from their official website. The manufacturer claims that for a limited period, DentiVive Oral pills have discount offers. The DentiVive Company provides free shipping to any part of the world. The pricing is as follows:

  • Basic Package (1 bottle or 30-day supply) for $69 per bottle
  • Most Popular (3-bottle or 90-day supply) for $59 per bottle
  • Best Value (6-bottle or 180-day supply) for $49 per bottle

After making a successful transaction, DentiVive Company provides you with a tracking ID to help you estimate when you are likely to receive your package. DentiVive manufacturer assures customers that these pills will improve their oral health. However, if you feel dissatisfied with DentiVive capsules after 60 days, the company assures you can ask for a full refund. For further information, customer service can be reached via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112
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DentiVive Final Verdict

DentiVive nutritional supplement developer claims these pills work by initiating self-healing. Under the right circumstances, your body can ultimately heal itself. However, DentiVive becomes effective when you change your lifestyle and dietary habits. Most of the time, individuals will take care of oral health after it has developed other complications that require serious medical attention. DentiVive supplements can help you evade oral health issues by keeping your teeth and gums in good health.

Common dental health complications include tartar, plaque, bad breath, and inflammations. Most of the time, individuals get embarrassed when they get such dental problems. However, even when you practice proper oral hygiene, you can still develop problems with your dental health. Apart from practicing healthy oral hygiene, you must supply your body with the required nutrients to protect your dental cavity from ill health.

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