Imagine this: You’re out of town, so you open the customized yoga workout your hand-picked personal trainer designed just for you. After starting your workout, you’re not sure if your form is correct, so you send a video to your personal trainer for guidance. When you’re done, you check your progress on your Apple Watch, which details your fitness goals, stats, and achievements.

Sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi film, right? Well, the Future personal training app aims to bring the future forward and revolutionize personal training in this way.

But does the app live up to expectations? Here’s what we found.

What Is Future and How Does It Work?

The Future app fuses technology and fitness by delivering a personal trainer to the palm of your hand.

After downloading the app, you are prompted to fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and fitness goals. Your answers will help Future recommend a suitable coach to you, but it’s up to you who you choose.

Download: Future for iOS ($149/month)

Your selected coach will design weekly training plans based on your individual goals and needs. The customized training plans take into account the fitness equipment you have access to and the types of fitness activities you enjoy.

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For those who need an extra dose of motivation, you also have unlimited communication with your coach, who will provide you with encouragement and motivation, as well as audio and video guidance on your workouts.

You can also get an Apple Watch in the mail, for a small deposit, if you don’t already own one. The app integrates with Apple HealthKit and an Apple Watch, so you can easily monitor your fitness progress. It keeps track of useful stats like heart rate, calories burnt, and time spent working out. Tracking these details will make you accountable for your fitness goals and ensure that you are not lying to your coach.

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Online Personal Trainers vs. In-Person Trainers

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In-person personal trainers are great for guidance and encouragement. However, most people only have access to their personal trainers when they are physically by their side. With Future, your coach can constantly check in on you. Their availability is only constrained by your internet connection.

Every week, your Future coach will design a custom training plan based on your schedule, fitness goals, and the equipment you have access to. If your schedule changes, you can also ask your Future coach to adjust your workout. An in-person personal trainer can also design customized workout plans for you. However, if you have to reschedule your workout, your in-person trainer cannot adjust your workout plan for you.

The Future app also provides the perfect solution for people who are constantly on the road. If you are often travelling, having access to a personal trainer who you have developed a relationship with and intimately knows your fitness goals and abilities is better than looking for a new one every time you move.

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Your Future coach will also proactively check-in on you to motivate and ensure you are following your customized training plan. In-person personal trainers do not typically check in while their clients are away.

There is one area that in-person personal trainers still shine. In-person personal trainers can instantly provide guidance to correct poor posture and form. With the Future app, users must send their coach a video for feedback and guidance on their posture and form. You won’t know if you are training incorrectly unless you proactively send your coach a video.

Is the Future Fitness App Worth Your Time?

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The Future app is an innovative solution for people who need motivation and frequent access to a personal trainer. The app leaves no detail untouched, and provides a professional personal trainer who does just about everything an in-person personal trainer would, plus more.

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