Brockton personal trainer Fabiola Garcon started fitness club

BROCKTON  — As sweat drips down Fabiola Garcon’s face during her last volleyball game in her senior year at Brockton High School, she tells herself as the scoreboard time counts down to zero that one day she will be a professional athlete.

Garcon, 26, found motivation to be the most outstanding athlete she could be because of volleyball.

Her love of the game and the effort toward becoming a professional athlete eventually led Garcon to find her true passion of personal training and entrepreneurship after graduating from college.

Personal trainer Fabiola Garcon of Brockton leads a step dance class at Body Prime Fitness in Canton, Monday, April  19, 2021.

As a Brocktonian it feels good to come back to your city and make a difference one client at a time, Garcon said. 

Garcon specializes in step cardio, dance fitness, weight training and yoga and is a certified deep tissue masseuse.

Crunch Fitness in Brockton is the main gym where Garcon trains her clients using a guest pass but sometimes she will partner up with gyms like Body Prime Fitness and teach group dance classes.

Personal trainer Fabiola Garcon of Brockton, leads a step dance class at Body Prime Fitness in Canton, Monday, April  19, 2021.

Her fitness journey began when a Brockton High volleyball coach told the young athlete if she wanted to be a professional volleyball player, she had to play the part, meaning training more frequently, being smart, being disciplined, eating right. Being the best athlete she could be.

The conversation with the coach put in perspective how vital it is to learn more about the body to get maximum results.