Best Eye Vitamins – Ranking Top Eyesight Vision Supplements

While various health conditions such as aging, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts may deteriorate your vision, a significant cause of vision problems might be inadequate nutrition, contributing to most of these factors.

Therefore, many supplements brands have claimed various benefits such as blindness reversal and permanent eyesight restoration. But not all deliver to their claims.

While most are based on anecdotal science, some are made from proven tests and list all their ingredients in their proper amounts.

Top Eyesight Supplements in 2021

But we have done extensive research, from analyzing reviews to contacting the manufacturers to choose the most truthful to their advertised benefits. We have also reviewed various related studies to confirm some of the claims. Here is our compiled list of the top supplements in the market today.

Performance Lab Vision


Performance Lab Vision is a product of the Opti-Nutra Limited company based in the UK. But, the supplements are manufactured in New Jersey, USA, under a GMP-compliant facility.

The supplement is promoted with a myriad of eye-sight restoring benefits such as higher resolution vision, improved hand-eye coordination, glare reduction, and quicker dark adaptation. It is targeted for gamers and athletes exposed to harmful light rays and needs to increase endurance from eyesight loss and be consumed by individuals who wish to improve their vision.

It contains scientifically proven ingredients beneficial to vision, such as bilberry extract, astaxanthin, and blackcurrant extract. However, lutein and zeaxanthin are the formula’s core ingredients. Their main benefit is providing a crisp vision by counteracting the effects of blue light.

One bottle of the supplement contains 30 capsules which can last between 15 and 30 days depending on the dosage. The product’s labeling recommends a minimum daily dosage of 1 tablet and a maximum of 2.



VisionMD creators claim to have picked their ingredients by checking their nutritional values on recommendations of the National Eye Institute and enhancing the recommended dosages.

The supplement mainly consists of potent antioxidants that target to eliminate oxidative cellular damage. Vitamin E and astaxanthin are high in carotenoid antioxidants that counteract cellular damage from oxidation to strengthen visual acuity. Other claimed benefits of the supplement include improved general eye health and better brain functionality.

Other key ingredients include Lyc-O-Mato, Astaxanthin, Tocopherols, and OptiLut. VisionMD’s creator promises quick results, although the speed varies between individuals, depending on their body responses. The manufacturer recommends consuming one softgel daily. The company also guarantees a 90-day money refund in case the product fails.

Vision 20


Vision 20 is a Zenith Labs product that claims to contain all-natural, highly potent ingredients. Therefore, it has no severe side effects. According to the official site, Dr. Ryan Shelton, the creator of Vision 20, is a physician, entrepreneur, and researcher with extensive experience.

The supplement’s effectiveness is based on eliminating reactive oxygenated species(ROS) produced by some functions and partially absorbed from the environment.

Dr. Ryan Shelton was able to achieve the formula by combining ten main ingredients. They include marigold extract, vitamin A, Beta-carotene, rosehips, grape seeds, blueberries, taurine, and zinc.

According to the information on its official site, the formula targets the older generation and might not be suitable for underages.

It comes in a 30-capsules pack that is meant to last you at least 30 days. The official website also contains numerous research-backed pieces of evidence on how the ingredients work. The manufacturer promises observable effects after a few weeks of using the product.

Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Vision Formula


Advanced Vision is a side-effect-free product that claims to sharpen your eyesight and reverse vision damage by triggering natural body processes. The formula comprises over ten nutrients critical to eye health, tested for the highest potencies.

Advance Vision Formula promotes glycemic reception to consumed food while providing the body with citicoline, protecting the neurons. It also reverses long-term retina damage and shields you from harmful ROS toxins.

Still, it has a positive effect on your brain functionality that supports the vision.

Unlike some products, Advanced Vision Formula delivers effectively without needing to be complemented with any lifestyle changes.

According to the official site, deliveries are completed between 3 and 5 days after ordering the supplement. Advanced Vision Formula is safe for use by people of all ages.

Nuzena Vision Support +


Nuzena Vision Support + is another eye health-supporting supplement that works by adding highly potent antioxidants to help recover from various eye conditions.

The product claims to be a completely natural cure to age-related macular degeneration and a macular health promoter.

The product is manufactured under a GMP-certified facility in the US. A single jar comes packed with 60 capsules, enough for a month’s treatment while abiding by the 2-capsule daily dosage recommended. The creator recommends taking one during the day and the other at night unless instructed otherwise by a medical professional.

According to its official site, some users may notice immediate effects while some might take longer. But the effectiveness of the product varies according to the body response of the individual. Therefore, a 90-day trial period is enough to evaluate the product.

PureHealth Research Complete Vision Formula


Complete Vision Formula stands out as a product manufactured by one of the US most recognized supplements companies, Pure Health Research. The product is designed for older people, typically above 30 years of age.

Complete Vision comprises eight all-natural ingredients that are purportedly tested for high potency. According to the official site, consumers should take two capsules daily, preferably with warm water, for maximum effects.

You will be rewarded two bonus guides with lifestyle changes to complement the supplement. The “7 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy” and “The 7 Secrets of Super Agers” guides explain how to maintain healthy eyes naturally.

PureHealth Research also offers a year-long money refund policy that allows you to return the products if they do not improve your condition in any way.

Eyesight Max


The manufacturer of Eyesight Max claims that the product can help regain the optimal 20/20 vision score in weeks. The supplements consist of some common vision ingredients such as Bilberry, Lutein, and Quercetin, although very little information about dosage and ingredients’ amounts is provided.

However, the creator claims that the product works by fighting vision damage while preventing the accumulation of PM2.5 toxins that affect vision from the brain.

Some of its most proclaimed benefits include improved night vision and reduced headaches. Through its brain health-promoting effects, the manufacturer also claims it can boost memory and improve focus. Other benefits include increased energy, counteracting insomnia symptoms, and lowering blood sugar levels.

The formula only requires a single capsule daily dosage due to its high potency, as per the official site. The company also guarantees positive results and offers a 60-day money refund policy.

Eagle Eye 911


Eagle Eye 911 is an eyesight rejuvenating supplement that is manufactured under an FDA-approved facility. The manufacturers claim to have approached eyesight solutions from the root causes of vision loss and combining various herbs, minerals, and vitamins to eliminate them.

For example, blurred vision is partially caused by a lack of sufficient Lutein. Eagle Eye 911 contains lutein in abundance to improve visual clarity.

Other than that, the creator also claims that it prevents eye damage by counteracting the action of oxidative stress while reducing strain.

The product contains higher than usual doses for more effects. Its effectiveness is backed by numerous customer reviews online.

Upon consistently following the daily 2-capsules dosage, the manufacturer claims most users can gain observable changes within the first week. But some individuals might take longer due to a slower body response.

Nonetheless, the product is shipped freely but comes at a heavier price than most products on this list, perhaps due to its quality.

Divine Vision 12


Divine Vision 12 is a vision supplement whose ingredients choice is reportedly based on Biblical, traditional remedies. However, the creator claims the product works by eliminating oxidative stress, which is the leading cause of many age-related vision problems.

The accumulation of ROS toxins causes oxidative stress. According to the information provided on its official distribution site, the product improves vision while preventing eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

The formula contains various natural ingredients such as Bilberry extract, Buckwheat, Grape seed extract, and Marigold flower, although shallow support is given to the choice of ingredients.

Nonetheless, some of the product’s acclaimed benefits include increasing mental acuity, controlled diabetic-related vision problems, and maintained blood pressure.

Although the manufacturer assures action within 90 days of using the product, a disclaimer points out that ROS buildup level, prolonged exposure to eye strain, and the level of vision damage may delay the results. Therefore, the manufacturer provides a 180-day money refund guarantee period for anyone who might not experience any benefits from using the product.



According to Dr. Dean Avant, this product was inspired by his grandson’s eye problem that put him under pressure to develop a solution. But the formula was not only successful in reversing sight damage but also improving immunity against possible bacterial infections.

Provisine also provides the eyes with essential nutrients boosting eye and general body health. The creator claims the product can cure many eyesight problems such as myopia, macular degeneration, and blurred vision.

The formula’s ingredients are carefully measured to exist in their most effective and safe amounts. These ingredients are supposedly picked from pure sources. The lack of additional substances makes it free of side effects.

Some of the outstanding ingredients include Bilberry, lutein, and Quercetin, which have antioxidant, anti-atrophy immunity, and protective effects on eye tissues.

Users should take two tablets daily, at separate times. If the product fails to deliver within 60-days, you can request a guaranteed money refund.



Lutenol is a high-quality vision supplement that contains a mixture of nutrients, carotenoids, and herbal extracts. The supplement is made from a mix of ingredients sourced locally and internationally. It is claimed to improve the eye lenses, retina, and macula by inducing antioxidation that oxidizes sensitive cells while fighting free radicals.

It contains some unique ingredients such as Lutein and zeaxanthin, which support both eye and brain visual capacities. Anthocyanoside targets the retina.

The supplement as a whole is praised as a nourisher and lubricator for the eyes. Unlike most supplements, this one does not target a specific age range, although it might be used more often by the old who are at a higher risk of suffering from vision loss.

A single bottle contains 60 capsules, enough to sustain a 30-day treatment.

Vista Clear


According to the creators of Vista Clear, the supplement mainly works by promoting eye muscle strength. However, it has to be accompanied by several lifestyle changes such as increased water consumption and eating a balanced diet with a central focus on vegetables and fruits. Water helps remove toxins and waste materials released from the body as part of the supplements restoration work.

The supplement contains natural herbs with nutrients and antioxidants that complement each other to recover a clear vision. The ingredients target specific parts of the eye, such as the optic nerves, macula, retina, and cornea, which support good vision.

It consists of 26 ingredients, including Lutein, Biotin, Lemon Balm, and Bacopa monnieri.

The supplement works across different age groups without any harm. It provides benefits such as improved night vision, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and controlled stress.

The manufacturer recommends taking a single capsule daily and allowing a trial period of up to 60-days when the refund policy becomes forfeited.


ReVision IMAGE

Revision is an all-natural supplement that comprises eight critical ingredients that help to rejuvenate vision and mental wellness. According to the creator, the formula is suitable for people experiencing fatigue or stress from overworking and poor eyesight.

The product is produced under an FDA-approved and GMP compliant facility. The manufacturer claims to pay extra attention to the manufacturing process and quality of the chosen ingredients. Still, the product undergoes testing before disbursement to ensure that you only receive the highest quality and a safe product.

Some of the ingredients include B complex vitamins, Alpha GPC, Niacin, and Huperzine-A. Besides improving general body health, the formula also strengthens the immune system and helps relax the mind by decreasing anxiety. The creator also claims the product increases focus and improves perception by counteracting fatigue in the eyes and brain.

According to some testimonials on its official site, the effects may start showing a day after beginning dosage. However, the creator recommends taking the supplement for between 3 and 6 months to experience long-lasting results.

Bonus Vision Guide #1: Natural Vision System


Natural Vision System is a composition of Dr. Michael Tonka inspired by his vision problem. The guide claims to relieve pressure around the eyes, macular degeneration, and headaches. It comprises eBooks and audio files that each aim at solving a specific issue.

An exercise chart guides users to proper nutrition to build stronger eye muscles and exercises that only last a few minutes. Dr. Tonka also provides vision test charts for users to evaluate their progress during the program. Mp3 audio clips help rehabilitate subconsciousness and provide eye care tutorials. It helps reduce screen time to promote sufficient resting time.

The Natural Vision System program may provide various benefits such as correcting myopia and dystopia, reducing the risk of forming cataracts, reducing eye pressure, counteracting macular degeneration, and promoting a balance between the eyes.

According to the official distribution site, the program causes significant improvements within 21 days of implementation. However, different patients may experience different durations depending on their eye problems.

Bonus Vision Guide #2: Sniper Vision System


If you need to improve your eyesight, you have to utilize every available option as long as it is safe. Complementing your supplementation with the Sniper Vision System guide can significantly improve vision recovery. The guide comprises vision-promoting strategies such as a change in diet and simple home workouts.

Dr. Richard Simmons, the guide’s creator, claims that faithfully abiding by the guide could help recover a 20/20 vision strength.

An actual sniper journal inspired the strategies in the Sniper Vision System. Dr. Simmons references the old journal basing its effectiveness on the criticalness of good eyesight to a sniper’s occupation. Besides learning professional vision exercises, you also get two free additional guides, “Eye Test” and “Clear Eyes Protocol,” on purchasing the Snipper Vision System guide.

Bonus Vision Guide #3: Koori Vision Fix Protocol + Home Eye Test Kit


According to Jake Turner, the Koori Vision Fix Protocol creator, the guide was inspired by an Aboriginal formula to provide extreme vision. Aboriginal is a native widespread culture across Australia. The effectiveness of their nutrition was noticed by US marines, who realized they lacked a great deal compared to their Australian counterparts.

Therefore the product is mainly based on traditional anecdotal evidence rather than scientific studies.

Nonetheless, Koori Vision Fix Protocol mainly consists of antioxidants that improve eyesight by eliminating harmful free radicals in the eyes.

The protocol outlines the preparation of the special diets and the frequency at which users should consume the ingredients. It also explains how users should complement the diet with other foods and physical exercises. According to Turner, the program is capable of showing results as soon as three weeks after kickoff.

However, we recommend readers perform their own research to confirm the claims as this product lacks any scientific links.

Our Ranking Process of the Top Eyesight Supplements

Each of the products in the market is made differently, comprising different ingredients in different amounts. Therefore, some are more effective than others. Here are some of the factors we considered while creating our top products list:

Scientific Support

These products aim to improve your vision, but a scientific bias in any of their claims may cause harmful effects. Therefore, we counterchecked scientific information from separate credible sources to ensure that we only recommend the best.

Safe Dosages

While the ingredients of a supplement might be scientifically proven to be beneficial, a dosage error could just be as harmful. Therefore, we prioritized those with clinically recommended dosages and compared their information to various independent reviews to ensure that they provide accurate information.

Professional Involvement

We strive to ensure that all the manufacturers on our list involve reliable health professionals on their advisory boards. This includes medical doctors, Ph.D. holders, and naturopathic doctors.

Manufacturer Credibility

While most supplement manufacturers strive to create their products in the safest way possible, others just import random products and brand them. We checked the history of the manufacturers on this list to ensure that none of them has a bad reputation.

Customer Opinions

Testing each of the supplements on this list is almost impossible as it could take years to complete. However, we successfully contacted some real customers and compared their opinions to hundreds of online reviews to come up with conclusions.

Promotional Accuracy

The supplements market is filled with scammers, as reliable organizations such as the FDA are not authorized to test their effectiveness. Therefore, we were keen to check the accuracy of their promoted benefits to ensure that we eliminate scammers.

Reasonable Pricing

Numerous supplements online cost too much compared to their ingredients and the benefits they offer. Such products are only made to make a profit and might pose a potential health risk. Therefore, we also consider the pricing to weigh their legitimacy.

Refund Policy

Different bodies respond differently to treatments. Some eye problems cannot be cured by supplementation only. Wasting a patient’s cash on a product that never delivers is the last thing we would want any of our recommendations doing. Therefore, we ensured that they have confidence in their products and offer a satisfaction guarantee and a refund policy.

How Well Do Vision Supplements Work?

Different manufacturers of vision supplements promise to various extents, some assuring users of complete vision restoration. This raises doubts whether any of them works or the whole industry is a fraud.

The fact is that a variety of ingredients such as astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, and vitamins E and C are scientifically supported to be beneficial to vision. They primarily exist in abundance around the eyes and provide antioxidation effects to keep them healthy. Some of the ingredients also provide anti-inflammatory effects, which could help eliminate swell conditions.

However, we are firmly against the claims of supplements’ ability to restore every eye condition. Those caused by physical damage can only be reversed by more sophisticated treatments such as surgeries.

A Scientific Perspective on Vision Supplements Benefits

Lutein is one of the most common ingredients in vision supplements. Many studies suggest the ingredient has possible reversal effects to age-related macular disease, which is a significant cause of vision problems. Besides anti-inflammatory effects, Lutein has also been successfully tested for cardiovascular health and cognitive function benefits.

Lutein moderates inflammation from its antioxidant effects, which are beneficial to the eyes and brain.

Zeaxanthin is beneficial to eye health, according to a report of the American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF). The AMDF concluded that the ingredient protects the retina from harmful light rays from one of their studies.

Researchers tested lutein and zeaxanthin in another study by applying them on quail eyes, similar to mammal eyes. Over the study, they observed that the ingredients improved the retina, hence, likely to have the same effects on humans.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin can be consumed by taking vegetables, fruits, and milk as part of a balanced diet.

Ginkgo biloba, another common ingredient in supplements, was put under a test in 1999. The study subjects participants to placebos and others to ginkgo Biloba dosages. According to the conclusions, the ingredient helped to increase ocular blood flow, even to the eyes.

Beta-glucan lacks substantial evidence supporting its beneficial properties to eye health. However, it may be helpful to diabetics, according to a 2013 study that found its combination with mushroom extract to moderate glycemic response. Therefore, it may help reduce sugar sensitivity in foods assisting people with diabetes to prevent blurred vision.

Bilberry extract, on the other hand, lacks scientific support. Although the component is found in many vision supplements, its inclusion is merely based on the fact it was traditionally believed to improve vision, especially during the night. Second World War soldiers took the fruit extract to enhance their night vision, which they claimed to be effective.

Choline, a rare ingredient, is more of a brain function promoter than directly beneficial to the eyes. However, the brain interprets visual impressions from the eyes to understand the vision. Therefore, this ingredient also helps to improve vision from its cognitive benefits at the brain level. The ingredient was subjected to a 15-day study conducted in 1998. According to conclusions, participants were subjected to a 1g dosage of the component, which improved their vision roughly by 30%. A judgment was made that it could be more effective when taken at higher doses.

Are There Potential Side Effects Of Using Vision Supplements?

The simplistic formula of most supplements eliminates the chances of suffering any severe side effects.

The FDA prohibits supplement manufacturers from overdosing on ingredients or using ingredients that are not related to their purpose in any way. This means that supplement companies are subject to production restrictions that they must abide by to ensure safety.

However, you must carefully check the dosage information on each supplement to prevent experiencing any side effects. It is also safer to consult your doctor before supplementing when under medication.

FAQs about Vision Supplements

Q: What is low vision?

A: Abnormally low vision capacity, typically below 20/70, cannot be corrected using contacts and spectacles. It is a severe vision condition but far from blindness.

Q: What is legal blindness?

A: Legal blindness is the condition of having a strength of less than 20/200 or an angular view limited to 20 degrees. But, these people can still see.

Q: What is visual acuity?

A: Visual acuity is the capacity to see the tiniest recognizable symbols or letters and their properties, such as shape within a 20 feet distance.

Q: How do vision measurements work?

A: Vision measurements are based on the size of fonts you can recognize from a 20 ft distance. A balance in the denominator and numerator (20/20) is the optimal score. A higher numerator (20/15) indicates better than usual, while a larger denominator (20/25) indicates poor than normal.

Q: What is myopia?

A: Myopia is a synonym for shortsightedness, where things appear clearer at short distances.

Q: What is hyperopia?

A: Hyperopia means longsightedness, where distanced objects appear clearer than closer ones.

Q: Can I do anything to reduce my risk of vision loss?

A: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the severe visual conditions can be prevented if diagnosed and attended early.

Q: What causes vision loss in older people?

A: The older generation might experience vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, and age-related macular degeneration.

Q: Does my risk of vision loss increase with age?

A: The risk of suffering vision loss is affected by age, among other factors such as race and ethnicity.

Q: What is diabetic retinopathy?

A: Diabetic retinopathy is a significant vision loss caused by interruption of the retina blood vessels.

Q: What are cataracts?

A: A cataract is the opacity that affects the eyes’ lens and can cause visual impairment. It can be removed through surgery.

Q: What are the risk factors for cataracts?

A: Lifestyle habits such as excessive exposure to the sun and smoking can increase cataracts. Diabetes can also increase the risk of forming cataracts.

Q: What is age-related macular degeneration (AMD)?

A: AMD is the eye damage that affects the macular, the tender back part of the eye that controls vision sharpness.

Q: What is glaucoma?

A: glaucoma refers to various eye damages caused by affected optic nerves. Optic nerves can be damaged by exposure to excessive pressure on the eyes.

Q: Should I be worried about ‘spots’ floating around in my eye?

A: Floating spots on your vision are typically harmless. However, it might be safer to undergo testing when they become too much.

Q: Does working at a computer all day hurt my eyes?

A: Electronic screens emit blue light, which is harmful to human eyes, although it is mainly at insignificantly low levels. You can protect yourself by using blue light filters in the dark and taking breaks.

Q: Does 20/20 vision mean perfect vision?

A: 20/20 vision means that you can comfortably identify fonts and symbols from a distance, but other factors such as poor night vision and inadequate contrast response might cause poor vision.

Q: Can exercises strengthen eye muscles?

A: There is anecdotal evidence of eye exercise as a therapy for poor eyesight, although most therapies do not involve exercise.

Q: How do eye exercises work?

A: Eye exercises aim at improving vision by facilitating better neurological connections from the eyes to the brain. There are also unproven claims of exercises helping muscles that stretch and contract eye lenses to control focus.

Q: What should I eat to maintain good vision?

A: Consume more vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins while reducing cholesterol, saturated fats, salt, and sugar.

Q: What are the best vision supplement ingredients?

A: Omega-3, zeaxanthin, Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, and other essential fatty acids are recommendable for improved eyesight.

Top Eyesight Supplements in 2021 Final Word

While supplements provide you with a replacement for reduced vitamins and minerals, you can increase the effects by consuming a balanced diet inclusive of the essential vitamins and nutrients. When that is challenging, try one of the top eyesight supplements available in the market today discussed above.

Nonetheless, you can’t compare the efficiency of using supplements to consuming raw ingredients as the latter might be more expensive and hard to acquire consistently.

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