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There is no doubt that the eyes are two of your most valuable assets. Every year, millions of people visit the optometrist to get their eyes checked. And hundreds of thousands of men and women each year will hear the world’s most devastating news: you’re starting to lose your sight. Not being able to see correctly is about more than just sight. Having good eyesight is correlated with reaction time, driving ability, and even overall mood and disposition. Studies repeatedly find that, among older Americans, vision strength is directly related to both overall happiness and quality of life.

One myth in the vision health industry is that declining eyesight is only a problem for elderly folks. This is untrue; people of any age can experience declining vision. Eye problems can result from several issues. For example, looking directly at the sun for too long can cause your eyes to go bad, causing damage to a part of the retina. Declining eyesight resulting from sun exposure is usually abrupt, happening almost immediately. As we grow older, our eyesight naturally begins to decrease in strength. Scientists don’t know what causes myopia, also commonly known as nearsightedness. They speculate that it’s possibly something to do with losing critical proteins found in the eyes.

How do we address diminishing eyesight? There are a few different answers to this question. Most commonly, medical procedures are used to provide eyesight improvement to patients. Laser eyesight surgery is one standard treatment, and several surgical treatments exist to help people improve their eyesight. These treatments are often effective, but they come with serious side effects and downsides. For example, a certain percentage of people who undergo laser eye surgery might suffer permanent cornea damage, which can worsen existing eyesight problems.

Some consumers turn toward vision and eyesight supplements to combat the dangers of surgery and other traditional medical treatment for eye problems. Supplements in this sector frequently claim that they can drastically improve the eyesight of users using just one or two supplement pills per day. Many eyesight supplements might provide significant results to consumers while subjecting them to very few side effects, making them a viable alternative to traditional medical treatments for poor eyesight. However, scams are also ever-present on the vision supplement market. This should be nothing new to those that regularly read our guides; the serious scam and scheme problems influence most supplement industries.

Today, we’re happy to give readers a solid introduction to some of the best vision supplements available in the growing industry in 2021. As always, this list should not be considered definitive. There are limitations to every supplement on our list, and we’d never expect people to think that our editors have all the answers. After reading our list of the best vision and eyesight supplements of 2021, feel free to do your research to figure out which supplement will do the most for you.

What are Vision Supplements?

Simply put, we consider any supplement that claims to improve eyesight to be a vision supplement naturally. In the past two decades, the vision supplement industry has exploded in popularity. But the reality is that vision supplements have existed in at least some form for thousands of years. Some Ancient cultures in Southeast Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world have practiced alternative medicine to improve their eyesight for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This is especially important to remember if you’re someone who relies on historical evidence to back your opinions; some of the solutions on this list have been used for twenty generations or more.

The primary key to evaluating the value of a supplement lies in its ingredient list. Each supplement we review is made by a company that offers an in-depth ingredient analysis. These analyses are essential, as they allow us to cross-reference a given treatment method with existing research studies. You wouldn’t trust your eye health to surgery with no clinical studies, so why do the same regarding the supplements you put into your body? Even newer supplements should use ingredients that are backed by scientific research.

In the next section, we’ll cover some of the scientific research that has been conducted on popular ingredients included in major supplements in the eyecare market. While this won’t be a definitive list, it should provide consumers a great start as they begin researching more about what the science has to say about vision and eye care supplements. Resources used to compile the following section includes research journals, double-blind studies, and clinical trials published in peer-reviewed magazines. As always, follow up our guide with your own, personalized research to ensure that you get the most out of our advice.

Are Vision Supplements Scientifically Supported?

Let us ease your fears immediately: many vision supplements are supported by scientific research. We do not know whether or not specific formulas are effective at improving eyesight in adults and children. Research has been conducted, however, on the main ingredients used in many of these new supplements. As far as supplements go, this is as good as it gets. A supplement is only as good as its core ingredients, so formulas should use elements that are supported by peer-reviewed research studies and double-blind clinical trials.

Let’s take a look at a few of the main ingredients found in most modern vision supplements. This section will pay careful attention to the research studies and scientific exploration regarding these critical minerals, vitamins, and herbs.

The first stop on our path toward better understanding vision supplements concerning contemporary scientific research is lutein. Lutein is available in almost every popular dietary supplement in the vision sector, and it remains a key ingredient in nearly every formula on our list. Several landmark research studies have concluded that lutein is a scientifically supported way to address eyesight loss. First, the supplement ingredient has been directly linked to anti-inflammatory effects. Because the component is an antioxidant, it might help to reduce the impacts of macular disease. Macular disease is considered a leading cause of blindness, especially in aging men.

Other studies have found that the unique ingredient can aid in developing more excellent cognitive function, heart health, and more. The multiple benefits associated with lutein make it one of the most fascinating and scientifically supported supplement ingredients on our list. The formula is often paired with zeaxanthin, a supplement ingredient that offers similar benefits for the human eyes. Using both of these supplement ingredients together can provide revolutionary support for vision and eye health.

This ingredient, zeaxanthin, comes with its backing from scientific sources all over the world. It is endorsed by the American Macular Degeneration Foundation; this nonprofit claims that using zeaxanthin can help protect the retina’s health against the effects of bright light, a leading cause of acute blindness in men and women. This can prevent the eye from degenerating; zeaxanthin is one of the only ingredients on our list used for primarily preventative purposes.

A research study from 2018 is the primary landmark for our support of lutein as a cornerstone ingredient of the supplement market. This study included researchers from all around the country, and they drew several conclusions about the efficiency of both lutein and similar compounds in improving eye health. The study also established that the eye health benefits associated with lutein are multi-faceted; the unique blend improves users’ eye health in many different ways—lutein functions primarily as an antioxidant. Antioxidants have multiple applications in the health world, but their primary purpose is to help reduce inflammation in the body. If your eye health issues are associated with eye inflammation, using an antioxidant like this can be revolutionary.

Interestingly enough, you can accidentally get a healthy amount of lutein in your natural daily diet. Fruits, vegetables, and milk are all foods with healthy doses of natural lutein. Even if you don’t end up trying one or more of the eye health and vision supplements on our ranked list of the top vision supplements of 2021, consider adding some of these healthy foods to your diet. That way, you can naturally increase the antioxidant effects of your diet without even starting a regular supplement routine.

Three more popular ingredients in dietary vision supplements are bilberry extract, choline, and Ginkgo Biloba. All three of these ingredients have been the subject of significant research studies. Bilberry, for example, was used consistently by Royal Air Force Pilots in the British military. While modern science disputes the claim that bilberry was the main reason for the famous eyesight of these pilots, the legend remains popular today. It is one reason bilberry continues to be used in popular vision health supplements. A study conducted in 1998 on choline found that the unique chemical provided a “30% improvement” in vision. This is a massive improvement!

Another study in 1999 found that Ginkgo Biloba can help to improve blood flow within the eyes, also known as ocular blood flow. This seriously improves eyesight, as the eyes need more blood to function at their best. Beta Glucan is the final eye supplement ingredient we plan to discuss today. Its landmark study is relatively recent; it was studied as recently as 2013. Using Beta Glucan along with mushroom extract provides significant improvement to diabetic issues. Diabetes, as most readers already know, can seriously impact eyesight over time. For this reason, many supplements in our list make use of Beta Glucan.

Vision Supplement Side Effects

The good news for prospective vision supplement users is that there are no significant supplements associated with severe side effects in the vision supplement industry, as far as we are aware. As you continue to read more about dietary supplements, you’ll find that this is true for most niche sectors. Supplements mostly use natural ingredients, so it’s easy to see why there are seldom actual side effects associated with prolonged use of popular supplements. That being said, we always advise readers to exercise caution when using any new supplement. Occasionally, high doses of certain minerals can interfere with existing medications. Getting the opinion of your doctor before using a new formula is highly recommended.

The FDA does not generally regulate supplements in the traditional sense. However, Food and Drug Administration regulations stipulate that companies in the supplement sector must abide by “GRAS” standards. This term stands for “Generally Recognized as Safe.” Reputable companies choose their ingredients (and relevant dosages) from an existing list of chemicals and ingredients that the FDA has approved in the vision industry. This seriously improves your odds of avoiding side effects, as a third party has vetted each component used in our top supplements of 2021 with concern for your health and wellness.

There are two exceptions to this general rule. First, the FDA’s safety assurance only works if you follow the recommended dosage listed on a given supplement. Take only what is required to see results and nothing more. Taking more than the recommended dosage for a pill means that you could be exceeding the dosage that is “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the researchers working with the Food and Drug Administration. In these cases, side effects can (and have) occurred.

Our second exception to the general safety of vision dietary supplements has less to do with how much a consumer takes and more to do with who takes a given supplement. People who are taking medications currently or currently suffering from a medical condition should always consult their physician before taking any new supplement. This is because certain chemicals and minerals found in some supplements may cause side effects if taken with certain clinical medications. Some eye care supplements might cause side effects if taken by people with certain medical conditions. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend getting a second opinion if you might be at risk of experiencing side effects from supplement use.

How We Ranked the top Vision Supplements of 2021

We always like to briefly explain how we compiled our supplement lists before getting into the best supplements of the year. We do this for a few different reasons. Most importantly, our editors want readers to know that our rankings didn’t come out of the blue. Any ranking process should have relatively strict criteria for how competitors will be judged against one another. Our editorial staff used several leading indicators to evaluate and rank the dietary supplements in this list below for this list.

Here are just a few of our top considerations when deciding the top vision supplements of 2021:

Company Reputation

This is always a top consideration for our editors. As many popular supplement reviewers will point out, company clout isn’t everything. Some small companies produce incredibly potent and effective dietary supplements, and some established manufacturers are seriously over-hyped. But when it comes to essential facts, we like to know that a company has a solid reputation among consumers before recommending their work to our readers.


Vision health formulas are climbing in both popularity and price. We tried to find the supplements with the highest value on our list. FormSciulas ranked below come at a variety of prices. Our research aimed to figure out which supplements provide the most “bang for your buck” in the growing niche market of vision supplements.

Consumer Testimonials

Vision health improvements can be tough to track because of their subjectivity and the plethora of conflicting narratives available online about any given formula. We worked tirelessly to weed through consumer reviews so that you don’t have to. The supplements on our list of the best vision supplements in 2021 come with glowing reviews and testimonials from consumers.

Company Honesty

This area of our review process has multiple facets. First, we like to see honest companies talk about the potential benefits associated with their eye health formulas. Companies in this market will sometimes make outlandish claims, arguing that their formula can cure eye cancer and help older people go from blindness to 20:20 vision in weeks. We looked for responsible, scientifically supported vision supplement benefits. We also looked for honesty in both ingredients and dosages when compiling our list.

Scientific Support

Of all of the qualities we considered when rating and ranking supplements on our list, this was probably the most important. Regardless of reviews, company reputation, or price, a supplement will always show its true colors when you take a look at the ingredient label. We looked for supplements with ingredients that were both supported by science and available in appropriate dosages. Too little or too much of a good thing is never great, so we searched for supplements that offered quality ingredients in reasonable, safe, and healthy doses.

Top Vision Supplements of 2021

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’re counting down sixteen of the best vision supplements and vision improvement self-help books on the market in 2021.

Here are our picks:

Divine Vision 12

image 2

This supplement claims to improve vision and overall eye health in several different ways. Interestingly enough, the company claims that its ingredients are derived from “biblical” sources. We’re not quite sure that the appeal to religion improves the efficiency of the formula. Still, we were nevertheless impressed with some of the ingredients offered by the Divine Vision 12 formula.

This supplement comes with a hefty price tag. It currently sells for $69 for a 60-capsule bottle. This is a higher price than most of Divine Vision 12’s competitors are charging, but some preliminary reviews suggest that the formula can provide a few exceptional eye-related benefits. We are also impressed with the 180-day money-back guarantee offered by Divine Vision 12. Even with the high price tag, this guarantee might help to sway unsure consumers.


image 12

ReVision remains one of the most popular (and catchy) names on the vision supplement market. The company says that their formula is built around a supposed “6-second trick,” a tool that reportedly helps people experience immediate eyesight improvement in just a couple of days. The formula includes many different antioxidants, which might help reduce inflammation that causes visual impairment in some consumers.

This product is even more expensive than Divine Vision 12. It costs around $70 for 30 capsules, making it one of the most expensive products we found in this growing industry. We recommend being cautious with this product; do some additional research before investing the $70 necessary to try it for a month.

Eyesight Max

image 4

This supplement comes packaged in one of the most extraordinary bottle designs we’ve seen. The formula is similar in pricing to Divine Vision 12, offering 60 capsules for $69. The formula’s manufacturers make a few bold claims about what Eyesight Max can do for the average user. In particular, we noted that they argued that they could provide “crystal clear vision in just a few weeks.” This generally is not the case, and we have a hard time believing any supplement can provide 20/20 vision in such a short amount of time.

However, selecting antioxidants and vitamins included in the Eyesight Max formula leads us to have them on this list. As far as we can tell, the company uses quality and natural ingredients to provide an effective solution to vision loss, and some testimonials praise the supplement for its effectiveness.

Vista Clear

image 15

Vista Clear claims that its formula is based on an ancient remedy practiced by an indigenous group like many leading vision supplements. In Vista Clear’s case, this group is the Aborigines of Australia. The company behind Vista Clear claims that their recipe for Vista Clear had been used for thousands of years by native Australian tribes. They optimized the formula and mass-produced it to help people all over the world improve their eyesight. The formula is more expensive than the supplements above; they charge a whopping $79 for each 30-capsule pack.

However, the company has quickly become one of the most recognized names in the vision supplement industry, and with good reason. Their formula contains over 25 antioxidants, making it one of the most versatile vision treatments on our list.

Eagle Eye 911

image 3

This supplement is by PhytAge Labs, a powerhouse manufacturer with hands in multiple supplement markets. Eagle Eye 911 carries on the legacy of its popular organization. This supplement reportedly improves general vision while maximizing eye function, reducing retinal tissue damage, and reducing eye strain. These benefits are a result of the limited but potent list of ingredients used in Eagle Eye 911. The company includes 400mg of L-Taurine, 200mg of NAC, 100mg of Grape Seed, and 100mg of Quercetin in each of their capsules.

The price of this supplement is pretty average, clocking in at $69.95 per 60-capsule bottle. PhytAge Labs offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all of their formulas, and Eagle Eye 911 is no exception to this rule.


image 10

The major downside to Provisine is that we don’t know most of its ingredients. This obscure and unclear list of ingredients is certainly a negative, as many online reviewers have readily pointed out. However, Provisine gains significant points on our list to include an actual optometrist on their staff. Dr. Dean Avant claims to have over 32 years of experience in the eye care industry, and he supposedly used his expertise to craft this eye care supplement carefully.

This formula also claims to improve the eyesight of consumers directly. This is relatively rare; most supplements claim to enhance eye health and address inflammation in the eyes. We’re skeptical of a few of the claims made by this company, but users who want to give it a shot can pick up a bottle for $69.

Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Vision Formula

image 1

Wow, that name is a mouthful! Luckily, the ingredient list for this formula provides a similar complexity. The supplement is packed with common eye care supplement ingredients, including bilberry, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin. In addition, we noticed a few elements that are absent from other formulas on today’s list. These include Ginkgo Biloba, L-taurine, beta-glucan, and more. These ingredients come together to support the eyes’ health, which can significantly improve vision over time.

Customer reviews for this supplement are generally very positive, and it comes at a moderate price of $69.95. If you’re looking for a solid supplement with support from the eye supplement community, then the Advanced Vision Formula from Advanced Bionutritionals may be for you.

PureHealth Research Complete Vision Formula

image 11

This happens to be one of the cheaper formulas on our list today. Don’t worry, though; the Complete Vision Formula by PureHealth Research doesn’t compromise on effectiveness. Their formula is packed with popular eyesight supplement ingredients, including Vitamins C and E, copper and Zinc, bilberry, lutein, eyebright extract, and zeaxanthin. As you might expect, this supplement and its ingredients are scientifically-backed in their claims of improving eyesight over time if used properly.

Like the above product, this supplement has won generally positive reviews from consumers in the market. People claim that the Complete Vision Formula helped them regain eyesight that had previously been lost for years. While we don’t know if this is true, we believe that the price of $49 per bottle makes this affordable formula worth a shot.

Zenith Labs Vision 2.0

image 16

This is the second iteration of Zenith Labs’ attempt to create an effective and popular vision supplement, as the name suggests. They claim that their product can help to improve the vision of adults at nearly every age. This supplement gains respect from us for being one of the only formulas created by a medical doctor. Doctor Ryan Shelton works for Zenith Labs and supposedly contributed directly to forming this unique dietary supplement for the eyes.

The core scientific idea behind Zenith Labs Vision 2.0 is that the eyes suffer from toxins. Vision 2.0’s creators claim that the formula is filled with “vision detoxifiers” capable of pushing these harmful chemicals out of the eyes to improve vision.


image 14

This is another supplement that has been formulated and created by actual doctors. This is one reason why it made it to our list of the best vision formulas on the market in 2021. Several doctors worked together to create VisionMD, which contains lutein, zeaxanthin, and several proprietary ingredients to improve eyesight and reduce inflammation in the eyes. Vitamin E is also present, which might help avoid damage in the eyes and enhance general vision capabilities in men and women.

The National Eye Institute recommends using many of the nutrients used in this formula, which lends credence to the claim that it is one of the most highly recommended formulas on the market.

Performance Lab Vision

image 9

This supplement is interesting because of the non-eye benefits it offers. According to the official product website, using Performance Lab Vision can improve focus and even benefit “night vision.” These are bizarre claims, and we’re naturally a bit skeptical. However, the formula uses several of the popular eye care supplements used by other manufacturers. Additionally, it seems to be the case that reviewers have strongly supported the claims of this supplement distributor.

Is using Performance Lab Vision going to turn you into a superhuman who can see in the dark and experience hyper-focus? Probably not. But the evidence shows that this supplement may provide a few key benefits to eye health and overall vision capabilities.

Nuzena Vision Support Plus

image 8

We love the straightforward and attractive design used on this product’s packaging. But looks can be deceiving, so our staff took a closer look at the key ingredients being used in Nuzena Vision Support +. Our research found that Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3, and B12 and zinc oxide and some of the other ingredients we covered earlier in our guide are present in this formula. Reviews are already coming in from satisfied customers all over the country. A common theme among online reviews of this formula is that it may help people reduce eye inflammation and improve overall vision capabilities over time.


image 6

This company is one distributor that is extremely direct about the benefits that their trademarked formula offers consumers. According to the makers of Lutenol, using the supplement consistently can improve macula health, support the lens and retina of your eyes, and boost overall eye function and vision. These benefits all sound great, but does the company use the right ingredients to back up such bold claims? It seems that the answer to this question is yes. As far as we can tell, the company includes many herbal extracts and classic vision-boosting nutrients to provide consumers with several key eye-related benefits.

Bonus: Natural Vision System

image 7

Natural Vision System is the first of three non-supplement products that we chose to include on our list. As you might already know, self-help vision guides are a popular part of the alternative eye health community. This guide is a package that includes several videos and informational eBooks. Dr. Michael Tonka is the creator of this guide, and he comes with a pretty big credential: he is the Chief Researcher at the National Vision Improvement Association. The recommended eye exercises and other tools provided in this guide may help ease tensions and decrease inflammation in the eyes.

Bonus #2: Koori Fix Protocol

image 5

Like the Natural Vision System, the Koori protocol is a series of videos that claim to help people repair their eyes and improve their vision from home. The cornerstone of this guide is a series of recipes and ‘superfoods’ that can be purchased from your local grocery store. According to creator ake Turner, the Koori Fix Protocol’s recipes can activate your body’s natural defense mechanisms, resulting in improved eyesight and overall ocular health.

Bonus #3: Sniper vision System

image 13

Sniper Vision System taps into the iconography of the classic American Marine sniper. The guide claims that it can provide consumers with at-home remedies to help them gain the perfect vision of a United States sniper. While we don’t consider this a plausible benefit, the guide has already won praise from consumers who say that it helped them improve eyesight and reduce inflammation using simple at-home remedies. At $47 for the guide, it also comes with an eye testing kit and the clear eyes protocol, an additional free guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vision Supplements

Do you have questions after reading the rest of our guide to the best vision supplements available in 2021? You’ve come to the right place. New consumers in the vision supplement industry often have questions about vision formulas, ingredients, and benefits. In this section, we’re answering several of the most commonly asked questions that new users have about vision supplements.

Q: What causes blindness?

A: This is still a question that scientists are trying to answer. We know some causes of blindness. Cataracts, for example, cause blindness in some older adults. But some types of blindness, such as severe nearsightedness, have reasons that are largely unknown to the research community right now. We know that certain behaviors, such as prolonged exposure to bright light or staring at the sun, can damage our eyes and speed up the deterioration.

Q: Do vision supplements work?

A: The answer to this one is: sometimes. Some vision supplements use ingredients that are backed by science. In particular, formulas using ingredients that function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are supported by the alternative science community. It’s tough to say if a given supplement will work with you. This is because every vision-impaired person is suffering from a different issue. Some issues, such as inflammation in the eyes, are readily addressed by popular vision supplements. More advanced forms of blindness are challenging to treat without traditional medical or surgical intervention.

Q: How can you reduce vision loss?

A: The best way to mitigate vision loss is to detect the problem early. Regular eye exams are essential, but being vigilant about the state of your eyes is also crucial. If you start to notice pain in the eyes, abnormal eye-watering, or other strange symptoms, immediately contact your doctor for an eye exam. Catching issues with the eyes early can save you from blindness later in life.

Q: What ingredients are in vision supplements?

A: While the answer to this one depends on the specific supplement you’re considering, many supplements use Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as zeaxanthin, lutein, and omega-3 acids. All of these ingredients have been evaluated extensively by researchers in the eye health sector. They have all been found to provide potential benefits to overall eye health and strength of vision.

Q: How do you use eye health supplements?

A: Most of the eye health supplements on our list are provided in capsule or pill form. You swallow them like you would with any other pill. Sometimes manufacturers advise taking the pills at a specific time of day or in a particular amount. Always read and follow usage instructions when using a new eye health supplement.

Top Vision Supplements of 2021 Final Thoughts

Eye health and vision supplements can be truly liberating, especially for people whose traditional eye health industry has failed. The right supplement may help to repair eye health or prevent further damage to the retina. The Top Vision Supplements of 2021 on our list have been carefully evaluated for company reputation, ingredients, purity, and other factors. Consult your doctor before using any of these formulas, and always feel free to follow this guide up with your personalized research.

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