9 Eco-Minded Creatives on How They Think About Sustainability and Beauty

I’ve tried a few electric toothbrushes and Quip is by far my favorite. Not only is it chic with fun color choices, but they are designed specifically so you are only disposing of the brush head every few months, instead of the entire body of the toothbrush. This majorly cuts down on waste. Also, they are big on recycling everything that’s possible to recycle, so I love knowing they’re dedicated to environmental health as well as dental health!

As much as I love my daily caffeine, I also try to drink something each day that can nourish, beautify, and calm my body. I’ve found that my digestion, skin, metabolism, and joints are happier and healthier when I incorporate more turmeric into my diet. I love turmeric lattes from Golde. They use all organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients, and are Black woman-owned!”

How the industry can do better: “Packaging is an important place to focus. Many of us (myself included!) are suckers for cute packaging, but it can often come at the expense of environmental health. Glitter in particular is harmful, as are many microplastics that are in all kinds of beauty products. Similarly, many ingredients that are plant-based require lots of water-intensive agriculture, which isn’t good! I believe beauty companies can still profit while committing to practices that help, rather than hurt, the environment.”

Advice to sustainability newbies: “Let’s start with water! Many of us know that beauty and wellness often starts on the inside, and being well hydrated is crucial to a balanced body. I’m a strong advocate for drinking tap water (rather than bottled water) in places where it’s safe. With that said, I’m also a strong proponent of policy makers creating immediate change to make sure clean, safe tap water is available to all people. I also encourage newbies to reconsider shopping in the traditional way. I spend lots of time in outdoor gear, but most days I need to do at least one professional meeting or event. I love renting my clothes and have a Rent the Runway membership that has made my need to shop for clothes nonexistent. This is good for your wallet and EXTREMELY good for the planet, since garment production is incredibly environmentally degrading, but garment sharing or renting is ultra-sustainable!”

Photo: Courtesy of Pashon Murray