Here are 5 tips for getting back in your exercise routine from the pros at Prisma Health | Photo provided

Whether it was the added burden of virtual school, constant trips to the pantry, increased stress or lack of access to a gym, keeping up with physical activity and a balanced diet changed for many of us during the pandemic.

According to Matt Pollack, MD, at Prisma Health, “Many people are facing the repercussions from their lack of exercise, and now is the time to take action and make changes.” Heard. 

Here are his 5 pro tips to help Greenvillians get back into an exercise groove:

Talk to your doctor

Explore your physical health with your primary care provider before getting back into any strenuous physical activity. If you suffer from any chronic health conditions, talk to your specialist and be sure to get approval before starting back up with exercise.

Find something you enjoy doing

Starting up a new exercise routine can be a challenge, so make sure you choose something you will enjoy doing. If you hate running, don’t run. If you enjoy working out with others or a little friendly competition, add group exercise classes to your new routine. 

Stay motivated

When it comes to working out, this seems to be half the battle. Figure out ways to motivate yourself as you get your routine going again, whether it’s finding a friend to keep you accountable, joining an online community, or hiring a personal trainer.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Getting back in shape takes commitment and time. It is okay if your new workout plan doesn’t go perfectly or you fall off the bandwagon. Don’t get discouraged or be too hard on yourself during this process.

Set realistic goals 

Start slow and set realistic goals for yourself. It is important to start at an appropriate level given your current physical shape. That may mean you aren’t lifting heavy weights when you start, or you sign up for a 5K happening months from now so you have time to properly train.

Taking care of yourself by exercising regularly is one of the keys to decreasing risk factors for health conditions + increasing better health outcomes | Photo via Prisma Health

A reminder from Dr. Pollack: “Don’t ignore any symptoms you may feel as a result of getting back into physical activity. If it is something outside the normal soreness that is expected to occur with a new workout routine, talk to your doctor.”

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